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Green Wall Design

If you’re tired of looking at that old wooden fence, or would like to bring nature into your home, then a green wall design is the perfect solution.

Green wall designs not only provide a beautiful environment, but also provide a wide range of benefits. They provide an oxygen-rich environment, helping to clean the air our families breathe.

Green wall designs also create a perfect opportunity to increase your own food production. Whether you install one in your kitchen so you always have fresh herbs on hand, or on your apartment balcony so you can grown your own fruits and vegetables, the modular design of the green wall allows you to create a green wall design that is perfect for your own space.

Green wall design can also help to reduce noise, which is especially beneficial for those of us living in the city. When installed onto concrete walls that tend to heat in summer, they also create a more environmentally friendly way to cool your home.

Using plants that are best suited to the area you would like to install your green wall is an important part of the green wall design concept, and will ensure your wall is healthy and happy for many years. For example, if it’s a shady area, lush fern walls do extremely well, and are easy to maintain. Sunnier positions love hardy herbs, such as thyme, mint and climbing rosemary. These have the added benefit of blooming in summer, creating a natural wall of aromatherapy. You can also design your wall with grasses, which come in a huge variety of colors and textures, and you can easily find a grass suited to the position your wall will be in.

Green wall designs offer something completely different for your home. Convenient, beautiful and surprisingly affordable, we’re sure you’ll find it hard to stop at one!