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Green Wall Microherbs

Microherbs are the latest food sensation taking the culinary world by storm. But what are microherbs, and how can you grow them yourself?A microherb is, as the name suggests, a smaller than average green edible. But they’re not grown smaller through some miraculous engineering, they are in fact ordinary plants that are harvested early, and pack quite a punch both in terms of nutrient value and taste.

Some of the most popular plants used to produce microherbs include bull’s blood (baby beetroot), cabbage, basil, coriander, parsley, radish, mustard and watercress, with new plants joining the microherb list all the time. Microherbs are the ‘it’ addition to many dishes in the best restaurants, and with each individual plant giving its own distinctive flavour, the creative potential of microherbs is almost endless.

It’s possible to purchase punnets of microherbs from selected delis or green grocers, but it’s also just as easy to grow them at home. A green wall installed on your kitchen wall is the perfect way to ensure you have all kinds of herbs on hand at all times, including your own favourite microherbs.

As most microherbs take only 2-3 weeks to grow, you can rotate the planting in your modular green wall units so you always have some on hand to throw into a sandwich or complete the perfect dish.

Green walls are easy to install as a DIY project or you can have a professional install one for you. Modular designs can be used to create a wall that is the perfect size for your kitchen space, and green wall technology, such as that create by Cityforest, also retain moisture, making them more water efficient.

Mircoherbs are an excellent way to improve your health and well being, and green walls are the perfect solution for ensuring you always have some on hand.