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Green Buildings

Green Buildings

Now more than ever, homes and businesses can greatly benefit from creating green buildings. Not only can they help reduce energy costs, but they can also help to reduce your carbon footprint. So what exactly is a green building?

Green buildings are those that are designed with Australia’s Green Star Rating in mind. This means that energy and water efficiency is of paramount concern, among other things. One of the most popular ways to increase the green rating of a building is by installing either exterior or interior green walls.

Exterior green walls are becoming increasingly popular on city office buildings and have several key benefits. Firstly, because the plants help to insulate the building, they have a cooling effect, reducing the need for internal cooling systems such as air conditioning. Secondly, because plants absorb CO2 and release oxygen, they not only help to clean the air, but help to reduce a business’ carbon footprint.

Exterior green walls can also help to reduce traffic noise, which is why they are increasingly being included in newer developments that are built in city areas, while also helping to offset the carbon potential of freeways.

Inside a building, green walls help to filter air, making for a healthier work environment, and create a more peaceful ambience. They also help to portray a green image to clients, which is vitally important for many of today’s top businesses.

Homes can also be designed as green buildings, and installing exterior and interior green walls is a great place to start. Hard areas, such as those with concrete walkways and walls, can be softened and made cooler by the addition of a green wall. Installing a green wall onto walls of your home that heat up during summer can radically reduce summer temperatures inside the home.

Green buildings not only benefit people, but can also play a role in attracting wildlife. A green wall that is carefully designed with the local environment in mind will be a haven for birds in particular.

There’s no doubt that green buildings are the way of the future, and green walls are an affordable and simple place to begin. Modular units, such as those that were purpose-designed by Cityforest, can be installed by a professional, or make for the perfect DIY project.

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