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LEED Buildings

LEED Buildings

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building certification system was introduced by the US Green Building Council in 2000, and today, LEED has become the most comprehensive and far-reaching green certification system, spanning 130 countries and certifying over 1.6 million square feet of building space each day.

The LEED Building system was devised to guide the design, construction and operation of buildings both large and small, as well as homes and even communities. Some of the best-known buildings to receive the high ratings include New York’s Empire State Building, which is the largest gold LEED building in the world, and Melbourne’s Pixel Building, which is the world’s highest rated LEED building, scoring 105 points out of a possible 110.

Whether building a new home of office building, or renovating an older building, LEED certification can help guide you to a more energy and water efficient and sustainable design. For example, the inclusion of renewable energy such as solar and wind can significantly reduce energy bills, and when combined with the inclusion of green walls both inside and out, can significantly reduce your carbon foot print.

Green walls provide many other benefits to a home or business. A natural thermal layer is created between the building and the green wall, which acts as natural insulation year-round. This can help to significantly reduce the need for artificial heating or cooling, which helps to reduce power use. Installed inside, green walls also act as natural air filters.

Green walls created from modular units are designed to maintain moisture, making them water wise, while the self-irrigating system makes them easy to maintain.

If you’re interested in LEED certification for your building, home or community, more information can be found at: More information on green walls can be found at:

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