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We approach every project with an open mind and in the anticipation that it will be a little different from the last , this ensures that each and every site gets the attention it deserves and not the ONE size fits all that often leads to system failure.


Our experienced team of qualified horticulturists is trained specifically in horticulture environmental control systems, Greenwalls and Hydroponics, which ensures that we are the best option for your project.


We recommend the best plant types for your Greenwalls or Greenrooms that will offer very little maintenance. We have over 25 years of experience in the industry and specialise in putting plants in places never before thought possible.

Australia’s Vertical Garden Experts

We are a team of qualified horticulturists with passion for our work.

We have many years of experience in consultation and installation of many types of vertical gardens and greenwalls to the commercial, domestic and international markets. We have a dedicated network of growers ready to supply us with a wide range of species to suit the application, aspect and location of any wall.

Cityforest also works together with designers, developers and architects to ensure you will get the most professional result with your vertical gardens.

We focus equally both on design and functionality aimed at transforming your building/courtyard/office/foyer into an aesthetically pleasing, cleaner and a highly sustainable environment to live or work.


Cityforest is changing how exterior spaces are designed and built with solution-designed products and systems. Our aim is to ensure your outdoor space is created from materials that are efficient and easy to use, convenient to maintain and of premium durability and finish. Recycling is a big issue and we take it very seriously. Did you know in the past 50 years since plastics have become so commonly used only 10% have been recycled? We are committed through our innovation to help with the sequestration of microplastics by using recycled materials in our Greenwall hardware systems.

Our Hortifelt hardware offers the best long term solution rather than pots and plastic planters that suffer from soil/ medium shrinkage over time and root strangulation. We are far more than a landscaping operation and as so are often the choice of many of Australia top landscape designers and building developers trusted in our knowledge to deliver sound advice and long term results and confidence.

We work Australia wide and are one of the countries longest operating Greenwall designers, suppliers, and manufacturers. We are also the first choice for many of Australia’s most renowned developers, architects, and designers.

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Why Choose Us?

We have a number of living wall options to choose from. Affordable and light weight domestic systems through to heavy duty commercial applications that can withstand the harshest of environments.
Native plantings are of particular interest to us and we welcome any interest from government, councils, roadworks companies and developers to discuss with us options for noise barriers, beautification of highways, parklands and public spaces.

Greenwalls are much more than an aesthetic feature as these have the ability to transform any area into a healthier, livelier and cleaner space to operate in.

Cityforest services most major cities on the eastern coast including Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you transform your operating or living environment.