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Green Star Rating

The Green Star environment rating system was introduced by the Green Building Council of Australia in 2003, and is designed to help the building industry reduce the environmental impact of buildings, while at the same time, improve the health and productivity of their occupants, and deliver real savings, particularly in terms of power and water usage.

Today, the Green Star rating tool is available in a number of building sectors, with others under development. These include commercial offices, retail centres, multi-nit residential buildings, universities, schools and other public buildings, and industrial complexes.

More recently, the Green Star rating system has been developed further so it can move beyond a single building’s rating and into whole communities. This has the potential to provide a useful framework for planning new community areas, while also being a useful tool for assessing communities that already exist.

The Green Star rating system looks at a range of factors when assessing a development project or community. For example, when rating a community, the rating tool contains 38 credits across five sustainability categories, assessing planning, design and construction outcome against governance, liveability, economic prosperity and innovation.

Architectural design that factors in energy and water efficiency are at the heart of many Green Building projects, but there are some ways you can also improve the green rating of your home of office.

For example, many projects that enter into the Green Rating system include large areas of green walls. Green walls can be installed quickly and economically into the interior or exterior of just about any property. Modular units that are purpose-designed are the best option, as they can be built to fit an area exactly, and because they are also designed to maintain moisture, they are more water efficient.

Green walls also help to reduce the carbon footprint of your home or business by not only absorbing CO2 and increasing oxygen output, but also by reducing helping to regulate the temperature of buildings.

Whether you’re planning a new development project or backyard renovations, seeing how your project rates on the Green Star system is the best place to start.


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