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Green Wall Installation

green walls melbourne

Green walls are a wonderful and simple way to bring nature into your home. Easily installed both inside and out, green walls can improve air quality, reduce noise and improve the ambiance of your living space.

​Inside the home, green walls can be installed in the kitchen, so you always have fresh herbs and vegies on hand, in the living room as a decorative feature, in the bedroom as a way to improve air quality while you sleep, and in the bathroom as a way of improving the ambiance. They are also an excellent way to insulate your home in the winter or summer months, helping to reduce energy costs.

The green wall’s modular design makes them the perfect project for the keen DIY enthusiast, but can also be installed by a professional if preferred. Units that are fixed to walls are done so with either 10mm dynabolts (for masonry walls) or 10mm coach screws (for framed walls) and are well suited to garden fences, apartment balconies and feature walls within the home.

Wheeled units are very simple to set up and offer great flexibility. In the summer months, they can be used to shade areas of the garden against harsh sun, or in the home to reduce the heat without electricity. They can then be moved in winter to allow more sunlight to come into the home or garden. They’re also a great option for people who rent their home.