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At Cityforest we are a team of qualified horticulturists with a passion for our work. We have many years of experience in consultation and installation of many types of vertical gardens and green walls Melbourne to the commercial, domestic and international markets. We have a dedicated network of growers ready to supply us with a wide range of species to suit any walls application, aspect and location. Cityforest also works together with designers, developers and architects to ensure you will get the most professional result with your vertical gardens Melbourne . We have proven quality and reliable design that will transform your building/ courtyard/ office / foyer etc into a cleaner and more sustainable environment to live. Cityforest works together with Australia’s top designers and architects to give their clients the result they want.

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We have a number of living wall options to choose from. Affordable and light weight domestic systems through to heavy duty commercial applications that can withstand the harshest of environments.

Native plantings are of particular interest to us and we welcome any interest from government, councils, roadworks companies, developers etc to discuss with us our options for noise barriers and beautification of highways, parklands, public spaces etc.

Cityforest modular Greenwall systems are a trademarked and patented system that are much more than a pretty entrance to a hotel or reception area. They have the ability to transform any area into a greener, cleaner space for us to live in.

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Vertical Gardens Melbourne

Vertical Gardens can be installed just about anywhere inside and outside of your home. In the garden, green walls can be installed along your fence line, and help to reduce noise between you and your neighbors. They are also look for extending your garden capacity. Vegetables, herbs and fruits all do well in vertical green walls, and decorative walls filled with grasses or ferns add an extra dimension to the garden space.
Living walls can also be installed as a way to create ‘garden rooms’ in larger gardens. They can help to create a flow and structure cost effectively, still leaving you creative freedom to change the plants from one season to the next. Green walls are a fun, interesting, cost effective and beautiful way to add a new dimension to your home.

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