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Green Wall Plants

Green Wall Plants

You might think that a green wall is only suited to certain types of plants, but in fact, you’d be surprised just how versatile they can be, and just how creative you can get.

The first thing to consider is the location of your wall. Is it inside? Outside? Does it get enough light or is it in the shade a lot? Is it in a sunny spot that tends to heat up in summer? All of these factors will determine what type of plants will be the most suitable, and also how much you will need to water and feed them.

As an example, let’s consider a sunny position along a garden fence. This is perfect for growing most vegetables, including tomatoes, cucumbers and beans. These climbers can be planted towards the top of your green wall, so that they hang instead of needing to be staked. Other plants that love a sunny spot include the hardier herbs, such as rosemary, oregano, thyme, mint and parsley. Salad greens also do very well, such as spinach, watercress, lettuce varieties and Salad Barnett, but you will have to ensure these get adequate food and water.

Australian native grasses are an excellent addition to any green wall and come in a huge variety of colours and textures. Some, like Wallaby Grass, are well suited to drier climates and are drought tolerant, while others such as Weeping Grass are well suited to shadier parts of your garden. Nafray, with its long flowering span, is also a wonderful choice.

For shadier parts of the garden or inside your home, ferns are a great option. They stay lush and green all year round and are very well suited to moister areas, such as bathrooms.

If you’re worried about water usage or maintenance, then a succulent wall might be your best bet. These hardy plants need little help to grow, and also surprise and delight with their wonderful flowers.

A green wall starts as a blank canvas for anyone to paint plant! Take a look around your local nurseries and talk to the staff about the location you plan to put your wall and which plants are best suited to the conditions. Then it’s just a matter of deciding which ones you love the most.

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