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Green Wall Systems

Green Wall Systems

Green wall systems are modular designs that fit into any space, turning concrete jungle into the lush, green environment you always wanted.

Green wall systems are designed to be easily installed by the DIYer, or can be professionally installed upon request. They come in a variety of installment styles, from fixed units, perfect for the homeowner, to freestanding units on wheels, perfect for the renter.

The modular designs are also perfect for indoor or outdoor application. Fixed units are mounted to outdoor masonry walls using 10mm dynabolts, while onto framed walls, such as those found indoors, they are fixed using 10mm coach screws. Additionally, wheeled units can be useful indoors, as you can move them to create a shade area in summer, or allow more light in winter.

You can also choose between two different planting area designs, from smaller, vertical squares, perfect for fern walls, grasses and other aesthetic designs, or the upright pots, which are great for planting food such as tomato and cucumber vines, herbs and fruits such as strawberries and kiwi fruit. These are also ideal in the kitchen for herb walls, making sure you always have fresh ingredients on hand.

Green wall modular systems are an easy, cost effective and environmentally friendly design solution for your home, creating a tranquil and oxygen-rich environment for you and your family.

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