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Living Walls

Living Walls

Living Walls are becoming hugely popular in architectural and interior design circles for good reason. They are a cost effective way to bring nature into your home, having the extra advantages of helping to clean your air, reduce noise and insulate against heat.

Living walls are created with modular units that are either fixed or freestanding units. Each living wall can be created to fit its space perfectly, whether they are fixed to a garden fence, living room wall or balcony. Wheeled units can also be made to measure, making the perfect removable room divider or vertical vegie patch for any apartment.

The best thing about a living wall is that each one starts as a blank canvas with which to create your own unique living space. From a wall of living herbs in your kitchen to a green wall of native grasses along your back fence, each one is a unique expression of its creator. They can also be changed seasonally, so you can grow vegies all year round, or enjoy a living wall of seasonal flowers. Ferns also make wonderful living walls, especially in more moist areas of the home, like bathrooms.

Because they are modular units, living walls are surprisingly easy to install, and make the perfect project for any keen DIYer. Of course, professional installation is also available, as is advice on which plants are best suited to your own location.

Living walls are a sustainable way to extend the growing area of your garden, which means that you can grow more of your own food. In the home, they can help you to reduce your carbon footprint by reducing summer temperatures, while at the same time adding a wonderful ambience to your living space.

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